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What's New
at Global Patties

October 2008:

  • In 2007, Global opened  a new plant at Butte Montana to serve the US.  The result has been cost savings that were passed on to beekeepers in the US, along with quicker and easier delivery. Canadian production continues at the Airdrie plant.

  • Worldwide increases in agricultural products have resulted in increased costs for yeast, soy and sugar, which has resulted in some price increases, but hopefully prices will moderate, and as they do, savings will be passed on to our customers.

  • Global has discontinued production of plain yeast/sugar patties (no pollen), and FeedBee® patties at both plants due to almost no demand for them. (You can still special-order them).

    • In the US, Standard BeePro® patties have been discontinued due to lack of demand.  We will still make them on request.

    • In Canada, after a trial period, MegaBee® patties proved to be unpopular due to high cost and are now discontinued. We will still make them on request.

  • Any special or custom formula can still be made by request, using any material you request or supply if we are given adequate notice.

  • In both countries our regular low-cost patties (see note) -- with and without pollen -- continue to be extremely popular with beekeepers due to their effectiveness and low cost.  New warehouses are being added around the continent (see map) and many of the largest beekeepers are now feeding Global patties on a regular basis.

Note: You can make these patties yourself, and some people do. The formula is not secret.  It is published here.  Most people don't bother, though, because our price is so low, our quality is consistent and our ingredients are fresh. We'll be happy to sell you the proper yeast, soy and pollen, however --, or fill your containers with bulk supplement if you like.